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Our strategic Investor Relations programs accelerate our clients' outreach efforts to investors, shareholders, analysts and the financial media, to cultivate investor support.

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The BoxTop Experience

BoxTop helps publicly-listed companies strengthen their corporate messages, enhance transparency and heighten their profile with the investing community. Our investor relations team leverages both traditional and social media strategies, as well as strong financial relationships to create new avenues for public companies to communicate their investment stories, define their value propositions and secure new opportunities.

Our Service & Solutions

Investor Communications

Investment Proposition & Messaging
Investor Presentation Development
Earnings Communications
IR Website Audit & Development
Investor Information Exchange
Investor Communications Advisory

Market Analysis & Reporting

Customized Peer Monitoring & Analysis
Shareholder/Peer-holder Analysis
Pre-meeting Intelligence
Post-meeting Feedback
Board Meeting Preparation & Reporting

Investor Outreach

Investor Outreach
Analyst Targeting
Non-Deal Roadshows
Investment Conference Coordination
Presentation and Q&A Coaching
Investment community Relationship-Building

IPO Communications & Advisory

Investment Banking Introductions
Investment Positioning
Roadshow Presentation Development
Roadshow Q&A Preparation
IR Website
Post-Transaction Planning & Disclosure Training

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